Return and exchange rules

Return Policy

We guarantee the quality and originality of the offered perfumes. If you have any complaints about the quality or originality of the perfume from, you may contact us within 14 days and change or return the order.

In this case, be sure to:

  1. To submit the cash or sales receipt; 
  2. Complete integrity of marketable state: bottle, labels, velvet pouch, etc.;
  3. Use no more than 1-2% of the total fragrance (ie, if you are claiming for any inadequancy, please contact us immediately! If more than 2% of perfume has been used, we have the right to refuse to accept the return).
  4. Returns and exchanges of perfumes are carried out near the 28 May metro station.
  5. Return should be carried out only to the person who accepted the payment for the order.
  • Please keep in mind that questions and complaints on the packaging and bottles of perfume are made only at the time of receipt / delivery of the order. You should immediately contact us by phone and discuss all issues with the manager.

For further information on return or exchange, as well as for consideration of complaints about the quality of the goods, please contact us. In this case we ask you to describe the problem in detail. Your comments will be considered and you will be offered the best solution to resolve your complaint.

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