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By Kilian is an eco-luxe parfum brand from Paris, created by Kilian Hennessy, grandson of the founder of the LVMH group. (The "H" in LVMH is Hennessy, the famed cognac-making family.)
Kilian Hennessy spent his childhood among the family`s wine cellars in Cognac. After graduating from a program in communications and language studies, where wrote a thesis on semantics of odors in the search for a common language between gods and mortals, Kilian went on to study with some of the greatest noses in perfumery, honing his craft creating perfumes for some of the top fashion brands in the industry.
In 2007, Kilian launched his own perfume house, in keeping with the family`s long tradition of producing luxury goods.
Collection L`oeuvre noire ("Black Masterpiece") was first launched in 2007, with new fragrances added to the collection each year and a total of ten fragrances available so far.
Collection Arabian Nights, featuring oud-based fragrances with an oriental theme and a distinctive package, was launched in 2009 with Pure Oud. Two additional oud-based fragrances have since been added to the collection.
The company emphasizes ecology and sustainability through the use of refillable, reusable packaging. The perfumer`s forumlas are also available for each scent on the official website.
By Kilian has launched limited editions of several fragrances in the collection, in special luxury packaging. The brand also expanded its offering to include evening handbags in 2011.
Designer By Kilian has 50 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 2007 and the newest is from 2016. By Kilian fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Calice Becker, Sidonie Lancesseur, Christian Provenzano, Alberto Morillas, Fabrice Pellegrin and Dorothee Piot.Kilian Hennessy…if the last name rings a bell, your instinct is right. Kilian is the heir to a long line of French cognac makers which bear his name. By Kilian fragrances follow that time-honored tradition of you get what you pay for…go for the best and you’ll never be disappointed.
L’Oeuvre Noire Collection
He’s named his first collection of fragrances L’Oeuvre Noire and broken them into three distinct parts: feminine, masculine and unisex.
Arabian Nights Collection
The Arabian Nights collection will be composed of 5 olfactive harmonies, all built around essential oils with strong symbolic values from the East: Oud, Rose, Incense, Amber and Musk.
Asian Tales Collection
KILIAN takes us on another exciting discovery of a new culture. As the creation took shape, every detail was placed with careful attention and with the intent to pay homage to this great culture.
In the Garden of Good and Evil
A collection as a promise of forbidden pleasure. A collection that invites us to succumb to our most secret desires, breaking through time back to the entrance in the garden of Eden.
Addictive State of Mind
An olfactive dependence, an essential narcotic, a means of escape, a craving. An overwhelming desire aroused and gratified by Kilian`s fragrance collection, leaving you in a daze of fulfilled stupefaction.

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