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Bond No. 9 opened at 9 Bond Street in 2003, with 16 "neighborhood fragrances".

History of  Bond No. 9 brand

As of 2013, Bond No. 9 has produced over 60 fragrances that supposedly encompass many New York neighborhoods, beaches, and places, as well as exclusive co-branded fragrance productions for Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods. Most of the fragrances are promoted as New York neighborhood centric, including Central Park South, Madison Square Park, Manhattan, and many others. The company also sells candles, pocket sprays, body creams, and limited edition bottles covered in Swarovski crystals.

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In 2013, Bond No. 9 launched what it called the first ever digital scent called with a scan-able QR code on the bottle.
In September 2013, in celebration of their 10-year anniversary, the company launched a new product marketed as their first ever fantasy neighborhood, Perfumista Avenue.
Most of the fragrances produced by Bond No. 9 have 18-22% concentration of pure perfume oils, making Bond scents some of the strongest perfumes on the market. Some of their “pure perfume” scents have 30% perfume oil concentration, including Bond No. 9 Signature.
The company offers custom blending to customers, mixed by blenders who are referred to as Bond Perfumistas. This offering is a customized consultation that allows customers to blend and bottle their own customized metro-fragrance.

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