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When ordering from us, you can pay in cash or by credit card. For the convenience of paying your order, you can use any payment method we have provided.

We receive cash, credit and debtor cards, bank or postal transfer. 

1 -Online payment

We accept payment by the following credit and debtor cards:

  • Credit card must be available for online payment (this is determined by the bank);

  • When ordering online payment by credit card (including card number entry), the payment is processed on AzeriCard electronic payment system website. The data you indicate (card details, registration data) is not visible to the staff of our store and is fully secured. All confidential information is sent from the client to the payment system and the bank`s server.

  • When choosing online payment on our website, you choose the safest and fastest way to pay for your order. During online payment processing we do not receive details of your card and the cash payment is made through the payment system and the bank. After selecting the online payment method and confirm your order, you are automatically directed to a secure page of the bank and payment system, with which we cooperate. Your payment will be carried out in accordance with all international standards of security for online payment.

2 -Cash on delivery 

You can pay by cash on delivery for goods to our employee.

  • We accept only national currency of the Azerbaijan Republic - AZN.

3 - Payment with MilliÖN

1. Choose the "Bank xidmətləri" section.

2.Select the "Kapital Bank".

3.Choose "Kart hesabının artırılması" section.

4. Enter the 16 digit code on the card(4169742321179158) and click the "İrəli".

5. Check the information and click the "Bəli".

6. Check the information and click "İrəli".

7. For entering amount and click "İrəli".

8. Enter the amount and click"İrəli".

  • After payment, please send the payment receipt to our whatsapp number + 994 55 859 77 77.

4 - Payment trough banks and postal payments

  • This type of payment is used, if you order the perfume to the regions of Azerbaijan and the online payment is impossible..
  •  Please note that the delivery of the order to the regions of Azerbaijan requires 100% advanced payment.More delivery details can be found here.
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